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Woodward Hall of Fame Officers 

Woodward HighWoodward High

Chairperson: Tammy Geer
Vice Chairman: Stan Czerminski

Corresponding Secretary: Becky Brocus

Recording Secretary:     Sarah Ramirez

Treasurer: Judy Allen Gonia, Class of 1969

Assistant Treasurer: Michelle Jacobs



Contact Us at
P.O. Box 2768 

Toledo, OH 43606
Email: secretary

Message from the Chairman

Dear Alumni and Friends  of Woodward High School,thank you for continuing to support the Woodward High School Alumni Hall of Fame. We had another very successful  year,with the induction of new members into our Hall of fame. This year we have awarded 18,000 dollars in scholarships to qualifying seniors so they may pursue their Life goals. A major reason for our success is the dedication of our committee members,who work to push our organization forward.Bless them all!

With the success of our past, our future is bright. We continue to receive financial assistance from many of you and greatly appreciate your generosity. Please join us  this year for the presentation of our new 2018 Hall of Fame inductees and the introduction of our scholar­ ship candidate's.


Ed Mueller.Class of 1962

Past Chairman Woodward High School Alumni Hall of Fame