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The purpose of this addition to the website is to acquaint people with things that are happening to Woodward grads.  Please contact the secretary if you have something that you want on displayed here.  It could be a funny memory or touching story from the past or an event that will be coming up. 



Andrew Fenady Class of 1946 and Hall of Fame member        There was an interesting article in the Toledo Blade (October 3, 2007) about Mr. Fenady and his many accomplishments.  I am sure you find it enjoyable reading.  But here is something that I bet you don’t know.  In one of his books, Mr. Fenady uses the names of some of his North Toledo (and Woodward) friends as minor characters.  When he was in Toledo for the annual Hall of Fame Induction dinner this year, he mentioned that he was working on another novel.  I wonder if any names will be familiar!


Phillip Baker Hall, WHS Class of 1949 and Hall of Fame member, visited Toledo this summer to show his family where he grew up and attended school.  The highly regarded actor told stories of life in Toledo and shared memories of his time here.


Dr. Robert Shuff, WHS Class of 1937 and Hall of Fame member, wrote a note congratulating the Hall of Fame on the Silver Anniversary Celebration.  He was unable to attend due to a previous engagement.  He is still active at 87 and just finished a two week run in the Crucible.  He says it keeps him young.


Bob Morrissy  Class of 1953          Here is another writer from Woodward who now resides in Florida.  He  swears that his former English teacher would have been astounded if she had known that he authored three novels.  Many places and streets are familiar in his Humorous Beat Actual Funny Police Stories.  He wrote  another of these a plus a story about the Korean War in which one of the main characters is a football player from Woodward. He has a new book out now.


Prince Spencer, WHS Class of 1937 and Hall of Fame member,  contacted us to say he was unable to attend the dinner due to ill health but he wanted to thank us for the medallion.  He sent us some clippings including one for the 15th Annual St. Louis Tap Festival held this summer where he was listed as a special guest.  He is a very dapper looking man whose looks belie his 88 years.  Perhaps you remember him as one of the "Step Brothers".


Dr. Edward Voss, WHS Class of 1946 and Hall of Fame member, let us know that during his senior year he made a film about Calvin M. Woodward High School.  He has given us considerable information regarding the film but we have searched to no avail.  Anyone with information about this valuable addition to our history is asked to contact us please.


Woodward High School Class of 1973 wants to help promote scholarships for Woodward students.  To that end they have established a Class of 1973 Memorial Scholarship through the Hall of Fame.  It will serve two purposes.  One is to honor deceased members of their class as well as noteworthy events that occur.  The other is to donate money to outstanding members of the Woodward graduating class.  What a wonderful idea.